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Dog Training App

Our apps were previously called "Crazy Daisy Dog Training"

Our apps are written and hosted by The Friendly Dog Club's Angela Horsley. We currently have two apps: The Friendly Dog Club: The Basics and The Friendly Dog Club: The Next Steps. Details of both apps are below.

You can buy both apps for a reduced price! Click here to find out more.


The Friendly Dog Club: The Basics

Just starting training a new puppy or want some fun with a rescue or older dog? Then this interactive dog training app for the iPhone and iPad is for you!

Find out more on the App Store and download the app today to learn the tried and tested clicker training techniques that really get results! With clear, step-by-step instructional videos you can watch, learn and then try the techniques yourself with this app by your side.

The app is proving very popular with people attending our Puppy and Foundation classes and is available via the App Store to anyone with an iOS device (an iPhone or iPad).

iPad appiPhone app


The Friendly Dog Club: The Next Steps

In this app we build on the concepts from The Basics and take them to the next level. We look at heelwork, extending the time and distance for sit, down and stay. We also cover recall, good manners and handling.

This app is compatible with all iOS devices (iPads and iPhones).

Download today on the App Store.

The Next Steps app from Crazy Daisy